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The project logo Utley Creek Phase 2 Greenway (Updated)

The project logo Utley Creek Phase 2 Greenway (Updated)

UPDATED 12/4/2020 - We've added two questions below to give you another opportunity to give us feedback.  We want to know what the biggest areas of concern are for this corridor and how you think we can better plan this future Greenway 

The Town of Holly Springs is pleased to share that we are embarking on a greenway project which will connect Holly Glen subdivision with Utley Creek Phase 1 Greenway and Downtown Holly Springs.  This greenway will build upon our existing network of greenways that Holly Springs residents have come to enjoy for healthy living, quality of life, and sustainability.   

The Utley Creek Greenway Phase Two project will extend the greater Holly Springs greenway network, connecting more of our neighborhoods and communities.  These greenways improve quality of life and provide transportation and recreation options for our residents.  Homebuyers increasingly desire access to greenways which also raises property values.  Greenways can also help conserve important landscapes, tell the natural and human history stories of the area, and educate students with outdoor classrooms.   

As part of our trail planning and design processes, it is critical to respect private property rights, educate landowners about the project, and include them in the process.  Our goal will be to understand any concerns posed by residents and landowners along or near the corridor.  We will have opportunities to share the latest information about greenways and case studies from around the Triangle area.  The Town will value all public input and engage residents throughout the project.


Please take 5 minutes to complete the following survey so we can better understand what you and the rest of our community want to see within this corridor.  Thank you!

Want to know more about Greenways and why we like them?  Read through some of the information found here:

What ideas and/or concerns to you have with the Utley Creek Greenway Phase 2 project? (add your comments below or directly on the map)
What are the most important greenway features and/or impacts that should be considered with the future Utley Creek Greenway (Select top 3)?
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