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The project logo Noise Ordinance

The project logo Noise Ordinance

The City of Asheville’s proposed noise ordinance aims to protect quality of life for all residents by establishing practical, fair and clear noise criteria and enforcement and mitigation protocols. The proposed ordinance updates the current municipal ordinance governing excessive noise in city limits (Chapter 10 - Article IV). 

The proposed ordinance recognizes that most residents, businesses and institutions are good neighbors who act considerately everyday and aims to be a practical tool for protecting public peace and enjoyment of public and private space in Asheville. Click here to visit the project webpage to learn more about the noise ordinance development process to date.

City staff anticipate the following tenatative schedule for noise ordinance finalization (subject to change):

Nov. 18 - Dec. 11, 2020:  Public comment period for proposed noise ordinance

Jan. 26, 2020:                    Present noise ordinance update and summary of public comments to the Public Safety Committee


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and community feedback on the recent ordinance proposal, city staff recommend the following next steps: 

  • Delay the ordinance effective date until the COVID-19 public health emergency lifts;

  • Continue to coordinate in 2021 with ordinance stakeholders, including Asheville Housing Authority residents and administrators, managers of multi-family housing communities, and neighborhood and music industry advocates, to build additional consensus around key ordinance measures; 

  • Move forward with hiring and training the Noise Control administration position as part of the “Reimagining Public Safety” initiative; and 

  • Transition current noise ordinance administration away from APD to Development Services to address present noise concerns under the current ordinance. APD will continue responding to calls for service.


Click the PLAY button to view a video about proposed noise ordinance changes, then click the navigation buttons below to view the proposed ordinance, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), provide feedback and review additional background information.