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The project logo Kenilworth Stormwater Project

The project logo Kenilworth Stormwater Project

Hello Kenilworth neighbors! Stormwater improvements are coming your way.

Forest Hill Road - Caledonia Road Stormwater Project map

The City of Asheville Public Works Stormwater Division has an installation coming up in the Forest Hills Drive / Caledonia Road area, expected to begin in the first quarter of 2021.

This project is a partnership funded by City Bond money (along Caledonia Road) and Stormwater funds (along Forest Hills Road). 

Stormwater is coordinating this installation with the City Water Resources Department and the Metropolitan Sewerage District installations for an infrastructure package that will bring new utilities, curbing and paving for the entire project length — from Kenilworth Road to the bottom of Caledonia Road. MSD has completed their work already, and Water is finalizing the design and will begin work in the next few weeks.  Stormwater work will begin after that. 

The City will upgrade the stormwater system by replacing failing pipes in the right-of-way, and adding additional structures along the road to intercept water and direct it into the new system.


Thank you in advance for your patience while we perform these needed installations.


Let us hear from you

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About Stormwater Services

The City’s stormwater program is a requirement established by the federal government’s Clean Water Act (CWA), which is dedicated to implementing broad-based watershed strategies to reduce water pollution.  The federal government requires the City of Asheville, and all similarly-sized U.S. cities, to create and maintain stormwater programs in an effort to protect surface waters from the impacts of stormwater pollutants and runoff.

Stormwater fees collected in the combined utility statement help fund projects such as this one.


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