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Please refer to the preproposal rule making document: Spring Black Bear 2022 CR-102

You can find the Spring Black Bear PowerPoint presentation that was presented at the October 22nd commission meeting here.

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220-415-080  2021 Spring black bear special permits. The purpose of the proposed amendments is to carry forward a long-standing recreational hunting opportunity to address bear management by continuing to use recreational hunting under spring bear special permit in 2022; The purpose and anticipated effect of the amendments is to continue geographically focused spring hunting of black bear in areas where WDFW have observed on-going human-bear conflicts, low fall harvest results, commercial timber damage, or concerns for ungulate species recruitment. This amendment will also make minor modifications to harvest and inspection procedures. These amendments will provide a limited hunting opportunity to approximately 664 hunters who receive permits and WDFW anticipates approximately 145 black bears would be harvested through this limited permit hunting opportunity.

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