Route 3

Preferred Alternative

  • Route 3 is one of the highest ridership routes in Durham.  It has three different branches, with Route 3 having very high ridership and Routes 3B and 3C having much lower ridership. 
  • Routes 3 and 3B would remain the unchanged.  Service would continue to be every 15 minutes between The Village and Durham Station. 
  • Route 3C would be restructured to serve The Village, and continue to the intersection of Angier Avenue and Alston Avenue via Taylor and Driver Streets.  This change would create more direct trips between East Durham, NCCU, and RTP with a transfer to a restructured Route 12 at Alston Avenue. Approximately 10 riders in the Springwood Park Apartments would no longer be served by Route 3C. These riders would have the opportunity to utilize Durham On-Demand service.

Question title

What do you think about the proposed changes to Route 3 as part of the Preferred Alternative?

I think these changes are good
I’m not sure but I think this might be good
This doesn’t affect me or I don’t have an opinion on this
I’m not sure but I think this might be bad
I don’t think you should make these changes
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Question title

Do you have any other thoughts or ideas on Route 3?

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