Route 12

Preferred Alternative

  • Currently, Route 12 uses NC 147 to connect Alston Avenue and Durham Station. In order to attract more riders, and to provide a better connection from eastern Durham to both RTP and Southpoint, as well as providing a better connection to NCCU. Route 12 should utilize E. Main Street to travel between Durham Station and Alston Avenue.  The alignment would be identical to Route 2.  Route 12 would be scheduled to arrive and leave Durham Station on the hour and half hour giving E. Main Street service every 15 minutes between Durham Station and Alston Avenue.  On Sundays/evenings, Route 12 would be scheduled to arrive and depart Durham Station half past the hour.
  • Route 12 currently has two different variants, one of which serves NC 55 and the other serves Riddle Road and Cornwallis Road.  All Route 12 trips would serve Riddle Road and Cornwallis Road to provide better access to Hillside High School and Route 5.
  • Every second Route 12 trip today continues as Route 14, which serves Southpoint.  Route 12 should continue to have two different variants.  Route 12B would continue to the RTP Regional Transit Center via Alston Avenue and Hopson Road. This extension would allow East Durham residents direct service to Research Triangle Park.  The other variant, Route 12, would continue to Southpoint via NC 54, Fayetteville Road, Renaissance Parkway, NC 751, and NC 54.  This Route 12 extension will replace Route 14. Service to either RTP or Southpoint on Route 12 or 12B would operate hourly, with service between NC 55/NC54 operating every 30 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays. 
  • Staff is currently evaluting options for service to the Falls Point Area for Sundays and evenings. 

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What do you think about the proposed changes to Route 12 as part of the Preferred Alternative?

I think these changes are good
I’m not sure but I think this might be good
This doesn’t affect me or I don’t have an opinion on this
I’m not sure but I think this might be bad
I don’t think you should make these changes
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Do you have any other thoughts or ideas on Route 12?

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