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Automated and connected vehicle technologies are among the most heavily researched topics in transportation planning. The vehicle technologies currently available are only a fraction of what is being developed for the future. These new technologies will have a completely transformative impact on how we travel.  The technologies for autonomous cars, connected cars, and advanced driver assistance systems overlap, go here to learn more about these emerging technologies.

1. What is your level of familiarity with autonomous/connected vehicles?
Quite familiar
Heard of autonomous/connected vehicles but not that familiar
Not at all familiar
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2. What is your general opinion regarding autonomous/connected vehicles?

Even if you had never heard of autonomous/connected vehicles before participating in this survey, please give us your opinion based on the description you just read.

Very positive
Somewhat positive
Somewhat negative
Very negative
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3. How likely do you think it is that the following benefits will occur when using autonomous/connected vehicles?
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4. How concerned are you about the following issues related to autonomous/connected vehicles?
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5. Of the three main areas that connected vehicles are expected to affect—safety, mobility and the environment—which is most important to you?
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6. If the cost is reasonable, how interested would you be in having this technology on a vehicle YOU DRIVE?
Very interested
Moderately interested
Slightly interested
Not at all interested
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7. If the cost is reasonable, how interested would you be in having this technology on a vehicle that DRIVES YOU?
Very Interested
Moderatley Interested
Slightly Interested
Not at all Interested
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8. In your opinion, how should connected cars and autonomous vehicles be regulated?
A set of nationally consistent rules created by the U.S. Department of Transportation
A self-regulatory organization created by the automobile industry
Laws developed at the state or local level
No new regulations; rely on existing laws
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9. Where are you located? (optional)
10. Enter your email to sign up for updates from OKI Regional Council of Governments as we update our 2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan. (optional)