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Stage 3: Online Feedback

Stage 3: Online Feedback

A draft of the strategic plan is ready for your feedback. Please click here to review the plan and share your thoughts.  

Over the last several months, we’ve held over 160 meetings to engage with students, families, staff, community members, and elected officials about the future of RPS. Approximately 2,500 people have participated in this process. 

Based on the community’s input, we’ve identified five priority areas for the strategic plan:

1) Safe and Loving School Cultures

2) Skilled and Supported Staff

3) Exciting and Rigorous Teaching and Learning

4) Deep Partnership with Families and Community

5) Modern Systems and Infrastructure

Our task now is to select a set of concrete actions and measurable goals for each area. Of course, we’d love to include every action listed in this document in our final strategic plan, but we can’t. If we try to do everything, we’ll do nothing EXCELLENTLY.

Please complete the survey that follows to help us prioritize action steps and create measurable goals for each of our five areas.