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Where do you live?

Move the circle to the area where you generally live.

What is your age?
Under 18
Over 75
Prefer not to answer
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How long have you lived in Wake County?
One Year or Less
One to Five Years
Five to Ten Years
Ten to Twenty Years
Greater than Twenty Years
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Where does the water in your house come from?
Private Well
Public Utility (typically a city monthly water bill will be sent)
Private Utility (bill sent from neighborhood or company like Aqua Water)
Not Sure
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Part II: Your Thoughts on the Future of Wake County and How to Improve It

Wake County’s population grew by 250,000 people from 2008 to 2018. When thinking about how Wake County will accommodate the next 250,000 people that are expected to move to Wake County over the next ten years, which of the following most accurately describes your opinion?
The County needs to make significant changes to prepare for future population growth
The County needs to make moderate changes
The County doesn’t need to change
I'm not sure
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What are you most concerned about as Wake County changes in the future? (Pick Five)
Increased traffic congestion
Loss of natural areas and trees
Growing cost of living, including housing
Quality of education
Accessibility to transit
Degraded water quality
Lack of walkable neighborhood living options
Unsustainable growth
Something else (fill in)
Closed to responses
What else are you concerned about?
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What changes would you most like to see in your community (City, Town, area)? (Pick 2)
More parks and trails
Protection of natural areas, like farms, forests, and meadows
More housing choices
Walkable neighborhoods near shopping, schools, and recreation
Redevelopment of older developments
More travel options and ways to get around
More affordable housing
Closed to responses
What is most important to accomplish as Wake County grows and changes? (Pick up to 3)
Continue to support employment and attract jobs
Provide active ways to get around (bike, walk, transit)
Protect natural areas, lakes, and rivers
Improve / maintain affordable lifestyle
Provide high quality schools and educational opportunities
Provide more parks and trails
Support low income residents and other vulnerable populations
Provide more shopping and dining options in proximity to neighborhoods and offices
Protect farmland
Something else (fill in)
Closed to responses
In thinking about future growth to support a growing population, where do you think is the best location for new development to go in Wake County? (Pick up to 2)
Within existing towns/cities utilizing land that has not yet developed
Within existing towns/cities by redeveloping existing developed areas that may be older or in need of investment
On open lands at the edges of towns/cities
Wherever the real estate market is experiencing demand for housing development
Something else (fill in)
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Connectivity and Accessibility

Getting Places
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What are the things you would like to see located close to where you live?
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Land Use

What influences the location of where you currently live the most?
Where I work
Where my spouse or partner works
Where I can afford to live
Where my family/friends live
Close to places where I enjoy going
I like the neighborhood
The school district that I am in
Closed to responses
Where do you live now?
Suburban Neighborhood (need to drive to get to most places)
Walkable Neighborhood (about a 10 minute walk to stores, cafes, offices)
Rural Area
Retirement Community
Closed to responses | 2,544 Responses
Do you wish to live in a different type of place sometime in the future?
Not Sure
Closed to responses | 2,280 Responses
If yes, where would you like to live in the future?
Walkable Neighborhood (about a 10 minute walk to stores, cafes, offices)
Rural Area
Suburban Neighborhood (need to drive to get to most places)
Retirement Community
Closed to responses | 1,511 Responses
In your opinion, what do you think are important characteristics that make a great neighborhood?
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