Your Feedback Matters

When you share comments with the Project Connect team, your feedback actively shapes this transformative transit plan. 

Thanks to community input, the Project Connect team has made a number of changes to the program, including:

  • Ensuring accessibility guidelines exceed Americans with Disability Act requirements across projects.
  • Moving forward with light rail as Austin’s preferred mode choice.
  • Operating light rail in dedicated right-of-way rather than sharing space with vehicular traffic.
  • Including a downtown tunnel/subway for ease of pedestrian access.
  • Adjusting MetroRapid station locations and pickup zones to neighborhoods, resources, housing, retail, and more.


The Community Feedback Review Process

Ready to help shape the future of transit in Austin? Staff review every comment we receive to help ensure that Project Connect is meeting our community’s needs. The steps below describe how the comments you share with us become a critical part of our project process.


Alt text; Graphic showing connection between the community engagement process and overall project considerations, which are reviewed as project continues to evolve. The community engagement process includes: 1) comments received; 2) Project team reviews and summarizes comments; 3) Technical team and City/County staff review summarized input; 4) Comments included with project considerations. Public feedback is one of four project considerations highlighted, along with technical requirements, City and regional strategic planning, and natural and man-made environments.

1. Comments Received

There are many ways to share your input with the Project Connect team, including:

  • Participating in public meetings and virtual open houses
  • Sharing your input via email or phone call
  • Providing public comment at board and commission meetings
  • Inviting staff to speak at community organizations
  • Joining a working group or the Project Connect Community Advisory Network (PCAN)
  • Sharing your comments at a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) or Austin Transit Partnership (ATP) Board meeting 
  • Commenting on social media platforms
  • And more!


2. Project Team Reviews and Summarizes Comments

Once feedback is submitted, the project team reviews and summarizes all comments, determining major themes and common ideas. 


3. Technical Team and City/County Staff Review Summarized Input

After summarizing comments, the project team shares feedback with Project Connect technical staff and our project partners, including the ATP and Capital Metro boards.


4. Comments Included with Project Considerations

After these phases of review, the project team includes community feedback among several considerations used to make project decisions, such as technical requirements, local policies, and environmental impacts. These factors continue to shape projects as they move forward.