Avent Ferry Draft Recommendations Survey

Welcome to the Avent Ferry Draft Report Survey! Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback on the recommendations derived from the Avent Ferry Corridor Study.

The Avent Ferry Draft Report includes several recommendations--guided by public input-- to transform the Avent Ferry corridor into a revitalized, multimodal, and distinguished area in the future. These recommendations are outlined below and can be found in the summary booklet

After reviewing the recommendations, please hit 'continue' at the bottom of the page to complete the survey. It should take fewer than five minutes to complete. Data derived from this survey will be summarized and reported to City Council.

Recommendations for Mission Valley Shopping Center:

  • Amend the Street Plan to create smaller, more walkable blocks 
  • Create a policy framework that supports five to seven stories at the edges of the shopping center
  • Consider additional height allowances in exchange for significant public amenities
  • Create an active front for the shopping center, placing buildings closer to the street and encouraging restaurants and retail

Recommendations for Avent Ferry Shopping Center:

  • Amend the Street Plan to create smaller, more walkable blocks
  • Create a policy framework that supports three to five stories, where the height along Avent Ferry does not exceed three stories
  • Focus additional height away from existing single family home
  • Buffer buildings from the street with landscaping
  • Provide connection to the Walnut Creek Greenway

Recommendations for Street Plan:

  • Provide connection to Greenway from Centennial Parkway to Pullen Park
  • Provide connection to Greenway between Avent Ferry and Lake Johnson near Athens Drive High School
  • Improve street connections around Broadwell Drive and Kensington Park Apartments

Recommendations for Street Segments:

  • Add medians with greenery
  • Create continuous sidewalks along Avent Ferry, measuring 6' or 14'
  • Add buffered bike lanes to separate bike lanes from the road
  • Add protected pedestrian crossings

Recommendations for the Future Land Use Map:

  • Change an area near Chappell Drive from a Low-Density Residential (single-family houses) designation to a Medium-Density Residential (four- to five-story apartments) designation for future development