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Carolina Public Press is embarking on a potential statewide reporting project related to sexual assault in North Carolina.

Thank you for participating in this survey. It is powered by Reach NC Voices, an initative of EducationNC

If you are willing to share your contact information below, we would appreciate it in case we would like to follow up with you to gather additional information. Your identity will not be released through our reporting unless we gain prior permission before publishing.


Reach NC Voices Conversation
Leave your name and email below to allow the Carolina Public Press team to follow up with you for more information during our reporting.
Reach NC Voices Conversation
Which of the following best describes your connection to the issue of sexual assault?
I have experienced sexual assault first-hand.
I have a family member or friend who has experienced sexual assault first-hand.
I work in law enforcement.
I'm just interested in this topic.
Other (comment below)
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Reach NC Voices Conversation
On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate the handling of sexual assault cases in your area? 1 = cases are not addressed at all, 10 = cases are addressed in a timely manner.
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Reach NC Voices Conversation
Do you have any specific experiences with sexual assault, reporting it to law enforcement or how it was handled in the court system?