Public Notice Requirement

Based on feedback from last year's applicant pool, WAMPO is offering the opportunity for organizations to provide us with an early notice of intent to apply for 5310 Program Funds.  With information collected from this "intent to apply" poll WAMPO will be able to release public notice  for all interested parties and therefore minimize cost to each organization.  

Please note, submitting a statement of intent to does lock you in to any obligation to apply, but failing to respond will result in your organization being responsible for meeting the public notice responsibilities should you choose to apply at a later date.  

Please select the option that best fits your organization at this time.
My organization plans to submit a project(s) and would like WAMPO to include our information in the official notice to the public (No cost option).
My organization plans to handle it's own public notice, at our own expense, should we choose to apply at a later date.
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Name and title of the individual completing this poll.
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