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Ambassadors and Strategic Advisors will serve as a sounding board for staff to test ideas and concepts, help spread the word about the comprehensive plan, and enhance engagement activities.


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What group or interest are you affiliated with (such as neighborhood rep., environmental, developer)

It is important to collect demographic data to ensure that all segments of the community are represented in the Charlotte Future 2040 planning process. The following questions will help the City of Charlotte evaluate its community engagement efforts and ensure balanced representation on the advisory group. 

What is your age? (Select one)
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55 - 64
65 and over
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With which race do you most identify? (Select all that apply)
Black or African American
White or Caucasian
American Indian or Alaska Native
Asian Indian
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
Some other race
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Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin or descent? (Select one)
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