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The project logo Why I Love Coral Gables

The project logo Why I Love Coral Gables

The City of Coral Gables recently launched a Citizen Engagement Hub with the mission to connect more with our citizens.

As part of this new emphasis on engagement, the City is presenting a multimedia project called “Why I Love Coral Gables,” a storytelling experiment with our residents, business owners, community partners, visitors – or anyone who would like to share their special stories about the City Beautiful.

In essence, City Hall wants to know the reasons why Coral Gables holds a special place in your heart. In this project, City communicators are taking the role of listening to the voices of the community and facilitating a meaningful and engaging conversation.

As examples, we’re looking for Coral Gables-specific stories, be it a childhood memory, an interesting anecdote about the people, the landmarks, the traditions, or the Gables experience, and what it means to you personally.

We want to know why you love being part of the Coral Gables community and, in turn, share your story with others. The stories will be produced into podcasts of short conversations that showcase the Coral Gables experience. 

Throughout the year, the City of Coral Gables will be hosting “Storytelling tapings” at the studios of Coral Gables Television on the basement of 2801 Salzedo Street to record the conversations.  The collection of “Why I Love Coral Gables” podcasts will then be shared with the community through the City’s communication vehicles. Here’s how to participate:

First, we invite you briefly write (in 200 words or less) the reasons why you love Coral Gables.

Second, from these conversations Coral Gables Television will select those that will be taped to create a library of “Why I Love Coral Gables” podcasts. The stories will be edited to be 5-7 minutes or less. A portrait of the participants will be taken.

Third, we will promote your role and contribution as an official “Coral Gables Storyteller.” For questions, send an email to [email protected]

To participate, please fill out this brief survey below: 

Yes, I want to participate as a "Coral Gables Storyteller." I am a:
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I've been involved with the City of Coral Gables for this number of years:
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Describe (in 200 words or less) why Coral Gables holds a special place in your heart:
I give permission to share my story/photograph:
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I want to participate as a Coral Gables Storyteller and allow CGTV to contact me for my story:
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