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To get started, what are your favorite things to do at city parks? (check all that apply)

Play with my kids
Relax and unwind
Get together with friends
Connect to nature
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Veterans Memorial Park Ideas

Earlier this year, community members shared their ideas about Veterans Memorial Park. This input centered around four main themes (listed in no particular order):


Experience nature, peace and relaxation

Ocean and lagoon views, natural habitat, meandering trails, open grassy areas, native gardens


Be active, energetic and fit

Hiking, mountain biking, biking skills/pump track, obstacle course, exercise equipment, jogging paths, etc.


Honor our veterans

Memorials, artwork, flags, contemplative spaces, ceremonial areas


Gather with friends and family

Kids play areas, picnic tables, shaded areas, small stage, pavilions, facilities to support small events

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Please drag and drop these Veterans Memorial Park themes in order of importance to you, with the highest on top.

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Please watch this video that describes the two designs we've come up with;

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Please take a closer look at the Terrace concept and let us know what you think of the different parts:

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Now please review the Hillside concept more closely. What do you think of the different parts?

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Overall, what do you think of these concepts?

I like the Terrace concept best
I like the Hillside concept best
I like them both about the same
I don't really like either of them
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Can we ask you 4 more questions to help us better understand which park features you prefer?

Let's do it!
No, thanks
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