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The project logo Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue

The project logo Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue

The design phase for implementing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on New Bern Avenue is underway. Approximately 3.3 miles of the 5.1-mile corridor would use dedicated transit lanes between the GoRaleigh Station, in downtown Raleigh, and Sunnybrook Road. BRT would share the general traffic lanes for the remainder of the corridor between Sunnybrook Road and New Hope Road.

We want your feedback on BRT station amenities and Citrix Cycle station locations.  Please take this quick two question survey and give us your input!

BRT stations along New Bern Avenue will have these standard amenities and be designed to include universal access and meet ADA standards:

  • Schedule and route information
  • Station signage
  • Lighting
  • Ticket kiosk
  • Benches
  • Trash can

Below are some additional amenities that could be considered for inclusion at BRT stations along New Bern Avenue. Please rank these amenities for consideration from highest priority to lowest priority. NOTE: This feedback will help us prioritize any additional amenities but none of these amenities are guaranteed.

Only rank the amenities that you think should be considered, from highest priority to lowest priority.

Raleigh's bikeshare program, Citrix Cycle, will have three stations along New Bern Avenue. We would like your input to determine where these stations should go. Please review the map provided and select up to three destinations where you would like to see a Citrix station.
1. Blount Street
2. East Street
3. Tarboro Road
4. Raleigh Boulevard
5. Longview
6. WakeMed
7. Sunnybrook Road
8. Trawick Road
9. Corporation Parkway
10. New Hope Road
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Do you live or work along the corridor (within half-mile)?
Yes, live
Yes, work
Yes, live and work
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Thank you for taking the survey!

If you have any questions, please contact Mila Vega. ([email protected])