Thank you for your interest in contributing to Mecklenburg County’s budget! Your input will assist the Board of County Commissioners and County Manager in developing a FY2021 budget that is responsive to the needs and preferences of the community. The survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Below are a few terms that will be helpful as you complete the survey:

County Dollars/Funding: This is funding that comes from the County, primarily property and sales tax revenues. 

Total Budget: This is the total funding for a department/agency. The combination of County funding and other revenue sources such as State, Federal, and user fees/charges.

County Employee: These are employees that work for Mecklenburg County, including the Sheriff's Office and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library. Employees of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Central Piedmont Community College, and Medic are not considered County employees. 

The Mecklenburg County FY2020 Adopted Budget totals $1.90 billion and supports 5,721 full-time positions. Of the $1.90 billion budget, $1.39 billion comes from County Dollars such as property tax and sales tax revenues. The Board of County Commissioners have discretion on how to prioritize funding using County Dollars. 

To the right is an interactive graphic of the FY2020 Adopted Budget by category. You can hover over each category to see the total expenditure budget, county funding, and staffing levels. Tap and hold on tablet.

In this survey, you will be asked to provide your priorities first by ranking services by priority and importance to the County’s future. Second, how do you perceive funding levels for a variety of services provided by the County?

The information received will be used by the Board of County Commissioners and County Manager to assist with budget decisions during the FY2021 Budget Process.

Please see below for prioritization exercises. 






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Please 'drag & drop' the below services based on your priorities. If you are on a tablet or mobile, you can simply tap the services rather than 'drag & drop'.

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How do you feel about the level of the funding for the below organizations/services?

The button at the bottom can be used to change your answers

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Please share any additional comments you have regarding the FY2021 Mecklenburg County Budget and your priorities.

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The Board of County Commissioners identified the following priorities to assist with budget decisions during the FY2020 budget process; 1. Reduce Racial Disparities, 2. Fund Pre-K, 3. Affordable Housing, 4. Mental Health, 5. Parks & Greenways.

In your opinion, do these priorities reflect the areas of greatest need in the community? Please answer below and provide additional feedback regarding your answer in the comment section.

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