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The project logo OKI 2050 Transportation Priorities

The project logo OKI 2050 Transportation Priorities

The OKI 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan will guide regional transportation improvements through the year 2050 by defining the policies, programs and projects that will be implemented over the next 30 years. With this short survey, we are asking for your input on what transportation needs and issues are most important to you.

I currently live in _______ County.
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I currently work in _________ County.
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My age category is:
65 and over
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My most frequent mode of transportation is:
Ride App (Uber/Lyft)
Carpool with others
I drive my car alone
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Based on the mode you selected in the prior question, if we could improve an aspect of your trip to work/school or a route you travel frequently, what would it be? Please be as specific as possible.

Drop a pin (or draw a line) to identify the area you would improve, and then leave a detailed comment explaining how it should be improved.

Which statement would you most likely say today?
“I currently do not own a car and am able to meet my daily needs.”
“I currently do not own a car and find it challenging to meet my daily needs.”
"If I could meet all my daily needs using other modes of transportation, I would not own a car.”
“I would like to keep my car but would gladly drive less if there were viable alternatives.”
“I always want to own and drive a car.”
"I depend on another person (friend, family, caregiver) to drive for me."
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What is your top concern about getting around the Greater Cincinnati region over the next 25 years?
Cost of buying/maintaining a car
Gas getting too expensive
Lack of public transit (bus) options
My physical ability to drive
Safety/car crashes
The environment and worsening air quality
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My transportation choices are based on: (Choose up to three)
Travel time
Options that are available
Sustainability/environmental impact
Physical accessibility
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Select THREE types of transportation improvements that are most important to you:
Investing in roadway expansion and new construction
Maintaining existing roadways
Rehabilitating outdated transportation infrastructure (e.g., bridges, roads, railways)
Improving connectivity among regional centers of activity within our OKI region
Improving connectivity among our region and Midwest cities
Implementing more modes of public transit (bus)
Developing advanced technologies, such as self-driving vehicles and smart corridors
Creating bike paths and lanes
Creating walkable neighborhoods
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How willing are you to use the following modes of transportation, if it were available?
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Please share with us additional comments you may have.
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