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The project logo Parks, Recreation and Greenways Master Plan

The project logo Parks, Recreation and Greenways Master Plan

UPDATE: Please join us for our second Virtual Public Meeting on December 16, 2020 at 6:30 pm.  Project and meeting information can be found here :​ 



The Town of Holly Springs wants your feedback as we begin the process of writing a new Parks, Recreation and Greenways Master Plan for the Town.  

The purpose of the plan is to serve as a road map for long-range priorities relative to existing and future parks, greenways, recreation facilities, programs, operations, preservation, maintenance, and funding. The current Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Beyond the Green, was adopted in 2008.

The Town’s Strategic Plan, community growth, new development, changes in demographic trends, and emerging industry opportunities are some of the many reasons that make this is so important to reassess the needs of the community and update the master plan.

The updated Master Plan will:

  • Create a clear vision, action plan and financial strategy plan to define a clear path for providing parks, recreation and greenway services for the Holly Springs community over the next 10 years.
  • Compile a comprehensive inventory and assessment of existing recreation and cultural arts programs, parks and facilities. 
  • Identify needs and strategies for acquisition, development and administration of a sustainable parks and recreation system.
  • Develop a robust operations and maintenance plan to define appropriate maintenance levels, replacement schedules and staffing levels.
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Thank you for taking the survey! Your responses were recorded in real-time and have already been submitted.  You can track this and other current Parks and Recreation projects on the Project Page or on the Town's Engagement Hub.

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