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The project logo Arbor Creek - Middle Creek Greenway (Stage 1 Survey)

The project logo Arbor Creek - Middle Creek Greenway (Stage 1 Survey)

The Town of Holly Springs is pleased to share that we are embarking on a 2-mile greenway improvement and extension project along the Arbor Creek greenway/Middle Creek corridor.  This project will upgrade the existing unimproved trail and connect the neighborhoods of Arbor Creek, Sunset Ridge North, Bridgewater, and Woodcreek.  It will provide a greenway connection from Sunset Lake Rd to Holly Springs Road and will provide a regional connection between Downtown Holly Springs and Downtown Apex's by connecting to the Town of Apex's proposed Middle Creek Greenway (more info on their project here).

Please take 5 minutes to complete the following survey so we can better understand what you and the rest of our community want to see within this corridor.  Thank you!

Want to know more about Greenways and why we like them?  Read through some of the information found here:

* Where do you live?

You may type in your address, select "use my current location," or indicate your general location using the map below.

* How would you describe your use of Greenways?
I'm a regular Greenway user (ex. run, walk, bike, walk dogs daily)
I only use Greenways occasionally (ex. weekend stroll)
I think I was on a Greenway once, but maybe it was a sidewalk?
What are Greenways?
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* In general, what do you feel are the two biggest benefits of Greenway trails? Select only two
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* What are the top five factors that you believe encourage greenway trail use? Select your top five factors and rank them in order of importance.
* What are your biggest concerns about the use of Greenways? Select up to two
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* What gender do you identify as?
Non-binary/third gender
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Prefer to self-describe
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* What is your age group?
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* How do you describe your race/ethnicity? Select all that apply.
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* How did you find us?
On the Town's website (
On the Town's Engagement Hub (
The Parks and Recreation Department "Projects" page (
Social media post from the Town
Social media post from a friend
Word of mouth
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Thank you for taking the survey! Your responses were recorded in real-time and have already been submitted.  You can track this and other current Parks and Recreation projects on the Project Page or on the Town's Engagement Hub.


This survey is only the first of several stages of outreach for this project, so make sure to come back for Stage 2, which will consist of a Visual Preference survey to futher help us identify what you, the residents of Holly Springs would like to see in this corridor!

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Comments or concerns about this survey or the Greenway project? Leave your comment below or reach out to Project Manager, Matt Beard at [email protected]