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The project logo Piedmont Triad Food System Assessment

The project logo Piedmont Triad Food System Assessment

The Piedmont Triad Regional Food Council (PTRFC) is conducting a comprehensive regional food system assessment centered on building equity for the twelve counties in the Piedmont Triad. The assessment will collect and analyze data on regional food production, infrastructure, and markets, as well as community health and development. The impacts of Covid-19 in the Triad have highlighted significant issues about food production, food access, supply chains, and inequities that PTRFC will analyze with this assessment process. In response to this global pandemic, we feel it is more important than ever to continue this important work. This assessment allows us to hear the needs of our communities now and plan for the future. We will position our communities and resources to build a stronger and more equitable food system. For more information, visit

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Meetings are available on this website by clicking "register below," on Zoom interactively by registering at the Zoom link in the meeting announcement, and on Facebook live with or without event registration. The Food Talks series will take place from July 8 - August 26 at 12:30 ET every Wednesday, and you can register for any event to be notified of the full series. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Your participation is valuable and we appreciate your help! We will keep your data safe and anonymized. If you have survey questions or issues, please email us at [email protected]