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For public agencies across the country, the pandemic required teams to quickly adapt to a new way of interacting with their community. What we thought would be a temporary shift now appears to be something bigger.

Virtual tactics are here to stay, but with that realization comes a new set questions and challenges. As we look toward the future of public engagement, hybrid public meetings and their combination of in-person and virtual participation, are emerging as the answer of public engagement.

A unified approach to engagement

PublicInput brings together industry-leading technology and shared best practices - all in one comprehensive platform:

Engagement Hub
The industry’s most comprehensive toolkit with over 30 flexible formats for surveys, meetings, and interactive mapping.
Resident Database
A fully-integrated CRM to manage your contacts, groups, and relationships across projects and teams.
Communications Cloud
Two-way email, SMS, and social media communications tools purpose-built for government.

Despite spending more time than ever before on engagement, it can feel like we're still hearing from the same handful of voices - and can't tell if we're making progress. enables an integrated approach to bring clarity, consistency, and efficiency to your engagement work.


Local Government

Reach beyond the usual voices, lower barriers to participation, and close the feedback loop with residents.

For Local Government


Conduct geo-targeted outreach, centrally document all engagement, and simplify compliance.

For Transportation


Differentiate your firm with innovative approaches, streamline your process, and improve client relationships.

For Consultants

Reach beyond the usual voices

Instantly access more residents

Undersand who's missing, then leverage integrations with social media advertising, online news, and more to meet residents where they are.

Lower barriers to participation

Provide beautiful, accessible online experiences

Meet people where they are: on their device, in their language, in easy-to-understand formats.

Bring together traditional and digital engagement

Supercharge your public meetings

Our virtual meetings tools plug into popular platforms like Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams to bring your public meetings into the digital era.

Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

Machine-Assisted Comment Analysis

Leverage machine learning and AI language parsing to identify sentiment, categorize similar comments, and quickly summarize large sets of comments.

The leading US public engagement platform

More US agencies tap to transform their public engagement process and build public trust.


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