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There is a lot of important work going on behind the scenes for the City Docks Redevelopment Project! Phase 2 Engineering and Design has commenced and will be a 12-month process. This work ensure our team produces the documentation needed to secure the next round of funding for Phase 3 Construction from the Alabama RESTORE Council. Check out the latest updates below!

All deliverables from the Phase 1-Master Planning process have been provided to the State and Federal Treasury for review and approval of amendment to go to Phase 2 Engineering and Design. The amendment to go to Phase 2 Engineering and Design was approved in March 2022.


The FINAL City Docks Master Plan is available for download and viewing.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to "Available Presentations and Downloads" to locate the "City Docks Master Plan Final.pdf" file.


The project team received great input from the public on our online survey. Full results from the survey can be found below (under "Available Presentations and Downloads"). Overall, the 500 people that responded would like the following top five features:

  1. Public restrooms
  2. Bait and tackle shop
  3. Improved boat ramp
  4. Picnic area
  5. Seafood market


The Economic Analysis and Feasibility Study is now available for public review. The Economic Analysis and Feasibility Study informs the most appropriate site elements and activities that will generate revenue and economic impacts for the area. Key progress includes:

  • In September 2020, baseline economic data was collected from state and federal agencies and published reports.
  • In October 2020, the data was reviewed for capacity and trends in commercial and recreational sectors at the zip-code, county, and state levels.
  • Sectors examined included:
    • Commercial seafood
    • Charter boat operations
    • Private angling
    • Ecotourism
  • In November 2020, the baseline data was used to construct a decision support model.
  • The model examines three (3) types of project feasibility over a 20-year horizon:
    • ​Financial analysis (direct costs & returns from site operation)
    • Economic activity analysis (revenue & expenditures vs. project costs)
    • Economic impact (revenue & employment multiplier effects to the region)
  • In December 2020, the economic model was refined to reflect an emerging subset of options for site design and operational structure.
  • In January and February 2021, assumptions for site design and operation were further refined based on client input meetings.
  • In March 2021, a semi-final draft of the economic report (with all the numbers and narratives) was completed.
  • In May 2021, the Feasibility Study, Economic Analysis, and Master Plan Executive Summary was completed and made available to the public.

Please note, the City Docks Redevelopment Project Executive Summary is available below in "Available Presentations and Downloads".


In April-June 2021, the findings of the economic report will be finalized and combined with other technical reports (engineering and design, marina demand, project survey) to produce a Master Plan with an executive summary of findings and recommendations, site layout options, and implementation recommendations.


ADCNR Marine Resources (AMRD) enhanced the current boat ramp at City Docks to provide a safer, more functional ramp while the City Docks Redevelopment Project is completed. 

Grant funded by GOMESA


Photo: Boat Ramp


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) completed the construction of an ADA access and fishing platform located adjacent to the east jetty of the Lightning Point Restoration Project. In addition to the platform, TNC  constructed a windstorm compliant pavilion on the bluff to provide an enjoyable venue for sightseeing across the Lightning Point restoration project.

Grant funded by Alabama Power, GOMESA, and NFWF GEBF

Photo: Pavilion

Photo: Pavilion

PPhoto: Pavilion

Photo: Pavilion

Photo: Fishing platform parking

Photo: Fishing platform parking

Photo: Lookout view

Photo: Lookout view

Photo: Revetment and trail

Photo: Natural elements in revetment




The Lightning Point project continues to protect the City Docks Redevelopement Area. Look for the marsh plants to flourish and the whole area to start getting greener this year. With the breakwaters providing great protection, lots of fish, shrimp, and crabs have started to move into the creeks and we hope this becomes a great fishing spot. This area is still recovering and will take a couple of years to fully establish. Please be gentle with the site and stay off the marshes and sandy areas. Help us keep it trash free and watch it grow!

*Pictures taken post Hurricane Sally



This revetment faced an 8-foot storm surge during Hurricane Zeta and helped to protect this area from losing more land. Without this revetment we would have seen similar shoreline erosion to Hurricane Nate in 2017. Repairs were made in Spring 2022. 



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Available Presentations and Downloads

Please find below links to our presentations and downloads, including the final results of the Bayou La Batre City Docks Survey.  We will continue to add to this archive as materials are prepared, refined, and released.