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The Bayou La Batre City Docks Redevelopment Project

The Bayou La Batre City Docks Redevelopment Project

For the project in Vietnamese, please click here // Đối với dự án bằng tiếng Việt, vui lòng nhấp vào đây


The Bayou La Batre City Docks Redevelopment Project (City Docks Project) is an opportunity to revitalize the City Docks. The goal is to meet current and future economic, environmental, and recreational needs by planning sustainable retail and commercial developments and recreational opportunities that support eco-tourism, fishing industries, and aquaculture. The City Docks Project provides a means for developing amenities that attract both locals and tourists while showcasing Bayou La Batre’s small-town coastal atmosphere and historical heritage as the Seafood Capital of Alabama. 

The following rendering shows what City Docks Redevelopment Project could look like in the future.

This image shows a rendering of the future City Docks from an aerial perspective.


This project website is broken down into several tabs, as indicated above. Please make sure to read through "Project Overview" to get a sense of what this project is about. You will also find available resources and downloads on this page. Complete the "Survey" by navigating through the survey tabs, starting on "Survey 1". Read how you can "Stay Connected" during the duration of the project. Check out what's happening next door by exploring "Discover Lightning Point". And lastly, be sure to check out "FAQs" for any questions related to this project.

Available Presentations and Downloads

Please find below links to our presentations and downloads, including the final results of the Bayou La Batre City Docks Survey.  We will continue to add to this archive as materials are prepared, refined, and released.   

The following rendering embodies the character and potential program components of City Docks.

This image shows a rendering of the future City Docks from the water's edge. The rendering looks over the site and shows several boats, an open market and a "fresh shrimp" branded truck.



The following renderings portray visions and ideas for the City Docks Redevelopment project.

This image is a rendering of the future Lightning Point site with City Docks in the distance. A shrimp boat is approaching the dock and Lightning Point Cafe is prominently positioned with full waterfront views of the bayou.  

This image is a close up rendering of the landscape, pathways and dining area outside Lightning Point Cafe.