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Housing Element Surveys

Housing Element Surveys

2021 Housing Element Update - Survey 2

The City of Beverly Hills is currently updating the Housing Element of the General Plan as required by State law.  The Housing Element serves as a policy guide to address housing needs for the City.  We invite you to help inform the Housing Element Update by answering the following questions.  

Welcome to the second Housing Element Update survey (the first survey can be found here if you have not taken it yet!).


This survey focuses on the topic of Accessory Dwelling Units, also knowns as "ADUs".  In order to meet state requirements, the City of Beverly Hills must provide zoning that promotes the development of 3,104 new housing units over the next 8-year Housing Element Cycle (from 2021-2029).  Since the City is anticipating that a large number of these units will be ADUs, we would like your input on ADU regulations and how the City may best encourage the construction of more ADUs.


*Please note that you must confirm your selection to each question before proceeding to the next. Feel free to contact the Housing Element team at [email protected] with any questions.

Are you a resident of the City?
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Do you own residential property in the City? (select all that apply)
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Have you ever considered building an ADU on your property? Please explain why or why not.
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Please rank the following reasons for why you decided to build an ADU or are considering building an ADU. Please provide additional comments if desired.
Do you currently have an ADU or are you in the process of building an ADU on your property?
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If you plan to build an ADU, how likely is it that you will build one in the next 5 years? Please explain your response in the comments.
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If it is likely that you will build an ADU in the next 5 years, who would you most likely rent this unit to:
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Please rank the severity of the challenges you've identified with constructing an ADU. Please provide additional comment if desired.
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What types of resources would be the most useful to you in developing an ADU? (Rank the following from most useful to least useful, and provide additional ideas as "other")
Do you have any other comments about ADUs?
Any other comments or suggestions regarding the Housing Element Update?

Below you will find some documents to help explain the City's current ADU regulations:

  1. City FAQ with basic ADU regulations
  2. State of CA ADU Guidebook
  3. Staff Report from the 3-11-2021 Planning Commission meeting (the report discusses potential changes to the City's ADU regulations)