CapMetro Rail Improvements

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CapMetro is currently working on improving our rail services! 

Rail improvements can have a significant positive impact on both transit and the community. They can help provide faster, more efficient, and more equitable transportation options, stimulate economic development, reduce the dependence on cars, and promote environmental sustainability.


Many of these improvements require us to add additional tracks, which will help us run more than one train in the same area. In most places, we'll add another set of tracks, bringing the total up to two (a.k.a "double tracking") though in a few places we may add two sets of track, bringing the total up to three ("triple tracking"). As a result, this will allow us to increase our frequency (how often our trains arrive and depart), and make sure our service is more reliable!


Additional improvements may increase rail crossing safety, update or add new station platforms, and modify signalization and postitive train control measures.


CapMetro is dividing these upgrades into segments to help minimize impacts to the whole Red Line, as well as for ease of understanding. You can keep track of each project segment by scrolling to the top of the page and choosing which project you'd like to know more about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Improvements are ongoing! Check out each project to see the planned completion date.

CapMetro, the City of Austin, and other jurisdictions are collaborating to implement multimodal infrastructure improvements in association with the these projects where feasible. 

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