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The project logo Carter-Ann Street Stormwater Project

The project logo Carter-Ann Street Stormwater Project

The City of Asheville Public Works Stormwater Division will install a new stormwater collection system on Carter Street down to Patton Avenue, along the Patton Avenue right-of-way from South French Broad Avenue going west to Ann Street and running down Ann Street to tie into an existing public drainage system near Pearl Street.

This project will help with several known stormwater issues in this area. Here is information about this project:

·         Timeline: Construction is expected to last 6 months and kick off in December 2020 or January 2021. 

·         How this project will help:  Additional drainage structures along Carter Street and S. Ann Street will help alleviate existing drainage problems in the area.  Within the public right-of-way, drainage structures will be added along Patton Avenue to Clingman Avenue to minimize ponding in the street impacting pedestrians on the sidewalks as vehicles travel by. 

·         Traffic impacts: There will be traffic impacts and we want to let everyone know well in advance so they can plan accordingly. While traffic will be maintained on Patton and French Broad avenues, there will be occasional lane closures during this 6-month project. Carter and Ann streets will be closed during a portion of this project. Area residents, businesses and property owners will be notified well in advance.

·         Resurfacing to follow: This project is being done in advance of scheduled resurfacing of this portion of Patton Avenue, as part of coordinated City maintenance.  


Outreach to the impacted area

Do you live, work or own property or a business in this area? Please scroll down to give us feedback in advance of the construction.


 Carter Ann stormwater map area


About Stormwater Services

The City’s stormwater program is a requirement established by the federal government’s Clean Water Act (CWA), which is dedicated to implementing broad-based watershed strategies to reduce water pollution.  The federal government requires the City of Asheville, and all similarly-sized U.S. cities, to create and maintain stormwater programs in an effort to protect surface waters from the impacts of stormwater pollutants and runoff.

Stormwater fees collected in the combined utility statement help fund projects such as this one.

What questions do you have about this project?
Are there other infrastructure issues in the City right of way in this project area that you would like to call to our attention prior to construction?
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