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Chevy Chase Small Area Plan

Chevy Chase Small Area Plan


The Chevy Chase Small Area Plan will focus on land use, housing, urban design, and community development, supported by technical analysis, community engagement, and public outreach. Click on the tabs below to sign up for emails updates, view past events, learn about the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), and more.

The Chevy Chase Small Area Plan (SAP) will be a guiding vision for inclusive growth rooted in a people-centered planning and design approach that aligns with citywide priorities of housing production, economic recovery, and equity and racial justice.

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In Fiscal Year 2021, Council allocated funding for the DC Office of Planning (OP) to undertake a SAP in the Chevy Chase neighborhood along Connecticut Avenue, NW. Led by OP, the SAP will be developed in coordination with partner agencies undertaking the design plans for the Chevy Chase Community Center / Library redevelopment project and the Connecticut Avenue Reversible Lane Study.

The focus area of the Chevy Chase SAP is where the plan's land use, housing, and urban design policy recommendations will be focused. The existing conditions analysis as well as other circulation and mobility related recommendations may extend beyond the focus area. Community participation is also not limited to the SAP boundary.

Who we are:

The Chevy Chase Small Area Plan is led by the DC Office of Planning (OP), with support from partner DC government agencies.

The plan is managed by: 

Erkin Ozberk, Ward 3 and 4 Planner, Project Manager (OP)

Heba ElGawish, Community Planner, Assistant Project Manager (OP)

Questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.