Climate Change in Southern Nevada

[4:00pm Tuesday, February 15th] Join us for an interactive discussion to learn more about how our changing climate impacts Southern Nevada communities.

Resilient & Healthy Community

[12:00 pm Thursday, February 24th] Join us for an interactive discussion about preparing our community for climate-driven emergencies through strengthened natural and social systems.

Sustainable Water Systems

[9:00 am Wednesday, March 2nd] Join us for an interactive discussion about conserving and protecting our water resources while developing sustainable systems for water delivery, stormwater management,...

Clean & Reliable Energy

[10:00 am Monday, March 7th] Join us for an interactive discussion about implementing policies, programs, and projects that support the generation and delivery of clean and reliable energy to...

Connected & Equitable Mobility

[4:00 pm Wednesday, March 16th] Join us for an interactive discussion about developing a safe, connected, and accessible transportation system that prioritizes low-carbon mobility, public transportation,...

Smart Buildings & Development

[7:00 pm Thursday, March 24th] Join us for an interactive discussion about driving the transition to smart and carbon neutral buildings that are healthy, efficient, and affordable. 

Diverse & Circular Economy

[12:00 pm Monday, March 28th] Join us for an interactive discussion about creating a robust and diversified economy that reimagines waste and resource use while investing in our human capital.

Clark County is partnering with community members and stakeholders to create All-In Clark County - a bold, solution-based plan for a sustainable future.

Come discover why Clark County is taking bold action for a sustainable future. Learn more about how we expect climate change to impact Southern Nevada and the County’s plan for action!

Visit for more information about the planning process and more ways to get involved!