The Town of Zebulon is requesting feedback from the community on the drafted brand for Zebulon. Please click through the pages to find different elements of the proposed brand and provide your feedback. Your participation is important to the success of this project.  We appreciate you taking time to view the drafted brand and providing your input. 

This draft was developed with feedback from the community utilizing surveys, focus groups, stakeholder meetings, and public meetings. These engagement opportunities helped to draft a cohesive marketing and branding program that sought to leverage Zebulon's unique assets and position it as a special place. 

Why Brand?

  • Reinforce the positive attributes of the place.

  • Establish a unified message that:

    • is relevant to visitors
    • has a foundation of local pride
    • attracts activity, business, and investment
  •  Create a “toolbox” for community to use to better tell its stories.

What is Community Branding?

Community branding is at its root a visioning process. It is a spirited conversation among citizens about what makes them proud of Zebulon. Branding tells Zebulon's unique story. 

Branding is both a part and representation, of the Town's community development initiatives, including downtown revitalization, robust parks and recreation programming and events, and targeted economic development.

While the true value of the brand comes from leveraging the community vision into the community pride and sense of place that promotes and maintains a Small-Town Life, the brand can also yield measurable financial returns from increased commercial sales, more retail offerings, and greater business and property investment.