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DSD Equity Survey

DSD Equity Survey

Tell us your story!

The City of Austin is working to combat the historical effects of systemic racism and inequity in the City. To do that, we need to understand your experiences of working with the City. The Development Services Department (DSD) wants to ensure that we provide a chance for everyone to access our services. This survey will give us a foundation to start building toward that goal.

We need your help. You can help us by sharing your experiences with the City. Your answers to the following questions will help us understand the impact of the work that we do. When you take part in this survey, you help us bring equity to our community.

We will use the answers you provide to improve the way we work. Your answers will remain anonymous. Please do not share any personal information in your responses. Please describe your experiences from your own point of view. We will share your answers with our Equity Office to create a plan for future improvements. The survey is only nine (9) questions. You should expect it to take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

What do you think the Development Services Department (DSD) does?
Who do you think the Development Services Department (DSD) serves?
We would like to understand your perspective as we complete this Equity Assessment. How would you describe yourself?

(Consider including anything that you feel best describes you as a person – profession, race, economic status, gender, community groups, interests, languages, age, religion, sexual orientation, ability, etc.)

Tell us your story! How have you experienced the work of the Development Services Department (DSD)?
What is your experience working with the City of Austin in general?
How would you prefer to interact with City departments and employees?
How has development in the City of Austin impacted you?
How can the Development Services Department (DSD) better help the community?
What general comments do you have that may help the Development Services Department (DSD) promote equity in the greater Austin community?

Thank you for sharing your stories! Your answers are anonymous, and will be shared with the City of Austin Equity Office.

Our next steps are to complete an Equity Assessment to capture the current state of the work of the Development Services Department (DSD). We will share that assessment with the City of Austin Equity Office. We will also include any answers you have given in this survey. With their assistance, we will compile an action plan to coordinate our departmental efforts to positively impact equity in the City of Austin.

For more information on the City of Austin’s efforts to promote equity, please visit the Equity Action Team Dashboard