The Investment Categories


Investments in Water, Sewer, and Broadband: The City focuses on improving our roads to create an easier commute to those that live and work here. As a waterfront city, the sustainability of our community, through infrastructure and flood mitigation investments that connect with environmental policies as the City does its part to combat the effects of climate change. Investments in roadways, greenspace and reconstruction of aging systems are essential to making the City a better place to live, and ARPA funding will be able to build on the foundation already in place to create lasting change in our community.

  1. Investing in cleaning up our streets, improving our water and sewer lines, and fixing sidewalks

  2. Investing in sustainable infrastructure to combat climate change

  3. Evaluating the feasibility of investments in Revere's broadband infrastructure to narrow the digital divide




Assistance to Small Businesses: Relief to Revere’s small businesses continues to be a top priority. Our small businesses are the heart of our neighborhoods and local economy, providing residents with important products, services, and jobs. By working with our community partners, we can invest in the recovery of our hardest-hit businesses and increase economic opportunities by connecting businesses and workers across Revere. 


  1. Growing local programs to help businesses improve financial stability, marketing, customer loyalty, and more
  2. Revitalizing foot traffic for businesses through placemaking, promotions, and events
  3. Providing business/workforce development programs for owners and employees in hardest-hit sectors


Assistance to Households: As part of Next Stop Revere, residents mentioned healthy neighborhoods and affordable homes as top priorities. When the pandemic created a surge in need for food and housing assistance, the City’s outreach team mobilized to connect residents to healthy meals, transportation, and more. With ARPA resources, the City can invest in programs and systems to increase our residents’ food security, mobility, and housing stability in the longer term.

  1. Increasing housing programs including rental, mortgage, and utility assistance for renters and homeowners

  2. Invest in the Grow in Revere initiative to create a central food hub to address food access, food security, and food retail by enhancing residents' access to the food systems

  3. Developing partnerships to provide financial literacy and credit-building programs for residents including first-time homebuyers



Economic Recovery: Many Revere residents lost their jobs or struggled to keep stable employment during the pandemic. In June of 2021, the city released a workforce development plan that identified strategies to connect Revere residents to more education, training, and job opportunities. By investing in more local workforce programs, growing our small business community, and reducing barriers, ARPA funds can support both our short and longer term economic development goals for Revere.

  1. Partnering with local and regional agencies to increase training and job placement enrollments for Revere residents
  2. Investing in Revere’s childcare sector through policy, technical assistance, and subsidies to support working parents
  3. Providing transportation, childcare, or tuition stipends for people to complete a workforce training program




Public Health Investments: Public health professionals have always been essential to the safety and well-being of our community. Now, as we come out of the pandemic we rely more on them for scientific recommendations based on the analysis of our unique local conditions, public health data and policies that advance the mental, social and emotional well-being of our community. The city plans on creating new programs through new federal funding by adding more public health professionals and investing in a new partnership with the police to promote comprehensive community safety and protection.  The city plans to hire a healthcare worker to assist the Revere Police Department in a variety of ways as well as hire a regional epidemiologist, more public health nurses, and mental health counselors. The need for public health has grown in recent years and the time to invest in this sector is now.

  1. Investing in hiring public health professionals (Ex: Regional epidemiologist)

  2. Investing in community policing

  3. Investing in mental health counselors



Travel and Tourism: As a waterfront community with access to Boston and the North Shore, Revere can reclaim its legacy as a travel and entertainment destination. With multiple hotels open or under construction, and a growing number of restaurants and recreational programs, Revere has many ingredients for a strong travel and tourism economy. ARPA funds can support the launch of related initiatives that attract tourist dollars, create job opportunities, and support local businesses in Revere. 

  1. Invest in hotels

  2. Building a city shuttle bus system to better connect east and west Revere where existing transportation options are limited.
  3. Launching new programming (ie, Porchfests, events on the beach) and expanded communications campaigns to sell the best of Revere to a broader regional audience