Project Overview

The vision for the Hollywood Marina Master Plan is to develop an actionable plan to create a modern, safe, and secure marina facility designed to accommodate current and future customer needs. The goal of the Plan is to address public launching sites, dry slip parking, wet slip dockage, competitive docking fees, ADA accessibility enhancements, traffic, public safety concerns, the public Right-of-Way, and a unified shoreline. The Marina Master Plan (MMP) will serve as a comprehensive guide for future in-water and landside capital improvement investment projects at the Marina, Polk Street Public Boat Ramp, Dingy Basin and Public Right-of-Way areas. A critical component for the success of the Plan is active collaboration between the City, residents, marine customers and key stakeholders.

The team will take a holistic approach to factor in all aspects from both marine and land uses. The following graphic displays goals for the project and how they correlate to public uses. On the marine side, the focus will be on aligning with community and regional goals while ensuring the marina will be sustainable and resilient for years to come. On the land side, the focus will be on linking to the broader network of recreational assets to add value, improving the quality of life for area residents and positioning the marina for funding and financial success.

Hollywood Marina diagram concept

Source: Moffatt & Nichol, 2021

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Hollywood Marina and surrounding context


Project Background & Details

History First
Based on public feedback, the City's Waterway Master Plan, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Master Plan, City's Strategic Plan,
the needs that will be identified in the Marina Master Plan will result in improvements that strike the right balance and provide a public marina for all to use, right in our own backyard.

Aerial view of Hollywood Marina from the 1950s

Aerial view of Hollywood Marina from the 1950's

Source: City of Hollywood, FL

Aerial view of Hollywood Marina from the 1980s

Aerial view of Hollywood Marina from the 1980's

Source: City of Hollywood, FL

Looking Forward
The Team strongly believes in order to move from vision to actionable plan, community outreach and input is a fundamental component in the process. Public participation is key to helping the Team understand the challenges, explore the opportunities, and decide together on the best actionable plan to move the project forward. As part of the process to transform a vision to an actionable plan, the Team will identify strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for the Marina. Ideas and improvements will be shaped by the desire to blend proposed elements with the adjacent neighborhood and to activate and connect people to the waterfront. Waterside opportunities could include added marina amenities, a mix of slips and sizes, upgrades to electrical power and utilities, additional launch zones and optimizing water access for marina visitors. Landside opportunities could include additional facility upgrades, enhanced safety and security, optimized parking and waterfront use, and improved traffic flow.

Aerial view of Hollywood Marina from today

Aerial view of Hollywood Marina today


Community outreach approach

Source: Moffatt & Nichol, 2021

The goal of improvements to the Marina, Public Boat Launch, shoreline and public Right-of-Way is to blend with the adjacent neighborhood, and to activate customers to connect to the waterfront. Waterside opportunities could include additional launch zones and water access, amenities, a mix of slips and sizes, access to electrical power and utilities. Landside opportunities could include additional facility upgrades, optimized parking and waterfront use, and improved traffic flow.

Source: Moffatt & Nichol, 2021

Plan Methodology

By incorporating tools, relationships, data and experience, the Team can begin to understand the project context, and explore options to decide on a balanced plan. By gaining a full understanding of the need, conditions, services, funding and costs we can then make sound decisions moving forward based on facts and guided by a comprehensive Marina Master Plan.  

Project methodology graphic

Source: Moffatt & Nichol, 2021

Project schedule graphic

Source: Moffatt & Nichol, 2021

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Get Involved

Public involvement is critical to the success of the planning effort. Below are several ways for the public to get involved in the Hollywood Marina Master Plan process.

1. Visit the Project Website

Over the course of the planning effort, this project website will be updated with the latest information on the project, including links to all presentations and project materials. 

2. Complete the Community Surveys

There will be two (2) community surveys offered during the Public Engagement Period. The surveys are designed to collect feedback on the future of the Hollywood Marina, use of the waterfront and other topic(s) of import. The first survey will consist of gauging the community's priorities and preferences. The second survey will request community input and opinions on various proposed concepts. Feedback will be used to generate ideas and shape options for the Marina and adjacent areas.  

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There will be two (2) opportunities for the public to engage with the Team to learn more about the Marina Master Plan process. All are invited to attend the virtual public meetings scheduled for September and October. Meetings will be recorded and available for viewing on this project website.

Public Meeting #1 – September 2021 (Date/Time TBD)

Public Meeting #2 – October 2021 (Date/Time TBD)

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