Fall 2021: Public Open House

From September 16, 2021 through October 15, 2021, ODOT held a Virtual Public Open House to present the various options developed through the Safety Study, share the recommended option (Option #1), and gather local input to assist in project decision-making.  The recommended alternative (Option #1) would cul-de-sac Brookwood Road and create a standard 4-leg intersection for Market Street, Shields Road, and Indianola Road.

A total of 52 public comments were received for this project.  See the Public Comment Summary and Responses, provided in the Documents Section, which lists each public comment and ODOT's response to each.

After residents and township officials initially expressed concerns with the proposal to cul-de-sac Brookwood Road, ODOT chose to conduct a more comprehensive review and assessment.  

March 2022: Mock Closure of Brookwood Road

In March 2022, ODOT implemented a temporary, mock-closure of Brookwood Road to assess traffic flows, operations, and safety at the intersection. During this time, traffic flow and safety were also assessed at adjacent streets.The mock-closure of Brookwood Road was planned for a 90-day duration, to end in June 2022.  The initial data and public feedback from the mock closure were favorable; therefore, ODOT chose to maintain it until the data was further analyzed and the findings could be shared with Boardman Township and local stakeholders.

May 2023:  Mock Closure Findings

ODOT presented the studies and findings of the mock-closure to Boardman Township and local stakeholders on May 8, 2023. The following is a summary of the study’s findings. The project website includes additional details. For more detailed information, see the Mock Closure Presentation in the Documents Section. 

Traffic through Adjacent Neighborhood. Traffic counts were collected prior to the Brookwood Road mock-closure and twice afterwards, on Newport Drive, Mill Creek Drive, Forest-Hill Road, and Lemans Drive.

After the mock closure: Data showed a nominal increase in traffic volume (at most 5 vehicles per hour) throughout the adjacent residential neighborhood, with no increase in speed.

Cut-through Traffic. Prior to the mock-closure, vehicles were observed cutting through corner properties.

After the mock closure: Cut-through traffic was observed similar to the “before” period, with a nominal increase in cut-throughs for southbound traffic turning right.

Operation of the Intersection. Prior to the mock-closure, drivers experienced delays of up to 105 seconds on eastbound Shields Road and 63 seconds on southbound Market Street during peak driving periods.

After the mock closure: The intersection operates more efficiently. Delays during peak driving periods have been reduced to 43 seconds for eastbound Shields Road and 50 seconds for southbound Market Street.

Safety. Prior to the Brookwood Road mock-closure, crashes at the intersection averaged 12 per year.

After the mock closure: Crashes have been reduced by 58% (5 per year), with no injuries recorded.

Boardman Township asked ODOT to consider modifying the proposed cul-de-sac to lessen impacts to adjacent properties. After further review by the design team, the cul-de-sac bulb was removed and instead the roadway will terminate with the installation of signing and a grassed area to minimize impacts to the adjacent properties.  

Decision: Selection of Option #1, with final modifications

Considering the favorable results of the mock closure and the meeting with Boardman Township and local stakeholders, ODOT selected the Option #1 design alternative, which will permanently close Brookwood Road at the intersection with SR 7 and implement other intersection improvements, including pedestrian enhancements and reducing the number of entry/exit points at the Shell Gas Station (closing the Indianola Road driveway and changing the southern Market St. drive to right-in-only). 


Option #1 - FINAL

This intersection improvement is expected to require a temporary property acquisition from one property owner. ODOT plans to contact the affected property owner regarding this temporary right-of-way acquisition beginning in June 2024.

The current closure of Brookwood Road will remain until construction begins in Spring of 2025.  ODOT will work to minimize delays and impacts to the surrounding communities, businesses, and residents as much as possible. During construction, one lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction along SR 7/Market Street, Shields Road, and Indianola Road. Access will also be maintained to adjacent properties during construction.


Public Comment Period Ends

October 15, 2021

Right-of-Way Acquisition

January 2022

Design Complete

December 2022


Summer/Fall 2023