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The project logo GTC Public Engagement Plan

The project logo GTC Public Engagement Plan

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are required to develop a collaborative and comprehensive public participation plan for the public and stakeholder communities, to be used in the development of the LRTP and TIP, as well as to frame the strategies for public and stakeholder communication and collaboration in all phases of the planning process.

The GTC Public Engagement Plan (PEP) details the public engagement policies ensuring the public and transportation system stakeholders have a reasonable opportunity to participate and make informed comments through the metropolitan planning process. The PEP describes how the public can learn of opportunities to participate in key decision points in multiple, accessible in-person and virtual formats with adequate notice.


Public Engagement Plan - 2020 Public Review Period

Meaningful and effective community engagement is essential to the successful implementation of a public plan, project, or program, and is necessary to ensure the needs of the local community are adequately...