BMC’s Board of Directors established the Transit Governance and Funding Workgroup in July 2022 with the objective of preparing recommendations regarding the management of transit in the Baltimore region.

The workgroup has reviewed options detailed in a 2021 Baltimore Regional Transit Governance and Funding Study and is preparing a formal recommendation to the BMC Board of Directors, Maryland General Assembly and Governor. Additionally, the workgroup reviewed funding associated with the Locally Operated Transit Systems (LOTS) program, seeking to increase equity and transparency in the distribution of those funds.

After the first meeting in September, the workgroup convened monthly to discuss and build consensus around a set of recommendations. These meetings have included opportunities for public comment virtually and in-person. Now, members of the public are welcome to comment on these draft recommendations by December 23. A final report will be released in January.

Draft Recommendations
Before releasing a final set of recommendations, we are seeking feedback from members of the public on the following draft recommendations.

For the Maryland General Assembly:

  • Create a Baltimore Regional Transit Commission (BRTC)
  • Consider regional priorities in the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP)

For executive action:

  • Restructure the Locally Operated Transit System (LOTS) funding formula

For further study:

  • Study the formation of a Baltimore Regional Transit Authority (BRTA)
  • Reconstitute and empower a Maryland Transportation Commission (MTC)

Baltimore Regional Transit Governance and Funding Workgroup DRAFT RECOMMENDATIONSDecember 2022


View the full presentation and set of recommendations (pdf) 



How to Share Your Thoughts

BMC is seeking comments on these recommendations by Friday, December 23, 2022. To share general thoughts, please use the comment box below, and click through to comment on specific recommendations. You can also email your comments to


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Do you have any general comments on the recommendations from the Transit Governance and Funding Workgroup?

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Critical Challenges in transit governance and funding

December 2020

Launch of Baltimore Regional Transit Governance and Funding Study


July 2022

Creation of Transit Governance and Funding Workgroup

September 2022

 First Transit Governance and Funding Workgroup meeting

December 2022

Public comment on draft recommendations through December 23, 2022

January 2023

 Release of final recommendations

TGFW Recommendations - Share your Thoughts by December 23, 2022