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Aurelis Lugo is an Artrist and Art Educator from Ponce, Puerto Rico who specializes in muralism and paintings. She currently lives in Fayetteville, NC and painted this mural titled, "Lewa" at Kuja Studios in Wendell, NC.


When asked about the mural, Lugo states, "Lewa means Beautiful and is a word of Kenyan origin. With this mural, we are celebrating our Afro Caribbean heritage. Lewa has beautiful bright colors that symbolize the Caribbean culture, in particular our Puerto Rican heritage. She has a flowy blouse that represents our Caribbean sea and how blessed we are with the beauty of our island. Lewa is the representation of our Afro Caribbean pride!" 



IG: @aurelislugo24

"The Phoebes Band (RTP, NC) were launched into the spotlight by Kingfish reposting their cover of his 2019 Grammy-nominated version of the classic, 'Hey Joe.' The Phoebes Band are one of the newest bands in the Southeast. Performing the perfect mix of Rock & Blues, they always represent." -The Piedmont Blues Organization

Vocals Rhythm Guitar: Acisse Jay

Vocals: April Renée

Drums: Nikki Benton

Lead Guitar: Megan Maloney

Bass: Edwin Peters


FB: The Phoebes Band

IG: @thephoebesband

YouTube: The Phoebes Band


Zensofly is a Raleigh-based rapper, DJ, radio personality and producer performing in Durham and the Triangle area. She performed her latest, "24.5" at Kuja Studios in Wendell, NC among other songs, "Sky is the Limit" and "Getting Started." 


Vocals: ZenSoFly

Bass Guitar: Jay'Vin Finch

Keys: Drozart

Guitar: Nemo Miller

Drums: Chris Farrar



FB: HiZensofly

IG: @ZenSoFly

Twitter: @ZenSoFly

YouTube: Zensofly

Counterclockwise String Band brings their unique blend of traditional and contemporary bluegrass to central North Carolina and surrounding area. The acoustic four-piece has been performing for over four years and has become an area favorite. Consisting of banjo, guitar, mandolin and bass, their sound features tight harmonies and thoughtful musicianship.


Counterclockwise String Band played several bluegrass songs at Kuja Studios for the Town of Wendell's Virtual Spring into the Arts event. They played "Steam-powered Aeroplane," "Ain't No Ash Will Burn," "Cherokee Shuffle" and "Blue Ridge Cabin Home."


Guitar: Alan Barnosky

Banjo: Michael Malek

Bass: Palmyra Romeo

Mandolin: Robert Thornhill




Mrs. Wendy York is a teacher at Wendell Elementary School. Here, she teaches kids how to draw a bird's nest!