The Ferruginous Hawk is currently listed as a threatened species under state regulations.  The proposed rule changes this status to endangered under WAC 220-610-010. This additional recognition results in a higher priority for conservation and habitat protection.

The proposed rule making would adopt amendments to WAC 220-200-100 and 220-610-010

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Purpose of the proposal and its anticipated effects:

The purpose of this rule proposal is to classify the ferruginous hawk as endangered in the state of Washington under WAC 220-610-010. Anticipated effects include the additional recognition and prioritization of the conservation need and actions around ferruginous hawk. If the status change is approved, ferruginous hawk will be removed from WAC 220-200-100 Wildlife classified as protected shall not be hunted or fished and added to WAC 220-610-010 Wildlife classified as endangered species.

The Ferruginous Hawk is largely restricted to grasslands and shrubsteppe habitats. Conversion of native grasslands and arid shrublands to agriculture, urbanization, and the degradation of rangelands have contributed to the loss of nesting and foraging habitat on its breeding range in Washington.

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