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The project logo Feedback: Proposed Floodplain Regulations

The project logo Feedback: Proposed Floodplain Regulations

The City of Raleigh - Stormwater Management Division is in the process of updating the City's floodplain regulations. Prior to this, we collected information from you about your experience in the floodplain. Your input played a key role in developing recommendations for new floodplain regulations.

Now, we'd like your feedback on these recommendations. Read information below to learn more. 

Questions? Contact us at 919-996-3777 or [email protected]

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This survey closes Jan. 31, 2021. 

Definition: Floodplain

The floodplain is an area of low-lying ground next to a stream or river that's subject to flooding. 

Visit the City of Raleigh's website to see if your property is in the floodplain. 

Walnut Creek

Do you live in or near the floodplain?
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On the map below, please use your computer mouse to drag the circle to the area where you live.

(Use the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to zoom in/out to view where you live. Or type in your address in the search tool)

Current floodplain regulations are provided in the City's Unified Development Ordinance. You can find this information on the City of Raleigh's website

Are you familiar with the City's current floodplain regulations?
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Please select the statement that most reflects your thoughts on how the City of Raleigh currently regulates development in the floodplain?
The City doesn't restrict development enough
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The City restricts development too much
I don't have an opinion on how the City regulates development in the floodplain
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Proposed Regulations

  • Exempt: Properties in the floodplain that are 0.5 acres or less or already developed. 
  • Proposed regulations would extend development restrictions for new development to the entire floodplain.
  • This means, you would no longer be able to build structures in the floodplain. Roads being developed would also need to provide dry-access during a major rainstorm.  
  • These changes would impact vacant lots in the floodplain.

Why We Want to Make Changes

Changes in regulation would reduce development in the floodplain. This would: 

  1. Allow water to flow more naturally near streambanks; 
  2. Benefit the quality of streams and rivers; 
  3. Protect wildlife habitat; and,
  4. Protect people and their property from hazardous flooding.
Would you support the proposed recommendations to change floodplain regulations?
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If you have property in the floodplain, please select the statements that apply most to you. (Select all that apply)

*Note: All actions listed below are voluntary.

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If you live in the floodplain, what safety precautions do you take to protect you and your property? (Select all that apply)
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If you would like the City of Raleigh to contact you regarding your responses, please provide your name and contact information below. (Optional)
If you have additional thoughts or ideas, please share them below.

For more information about our efforts on updating floodplain regulations, visit