The City of Asheville is underway in a project to update our Greenway (G), Accessibility (A), and Pedestrian (P) Plans. The combined plan, which we’re referring to as “Close the GAP”, will look to update and expand the network of accessible sidewalks and greenways for our community.

The following is an overview video describing a project update and the content of this final survey. Please watch this video before taking the survey. If you would like to skip the background information, the survey overview begins at timestamp 7:33, so you may want to fast-forward to that spot.

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Close the GAP logo with blue text and green imagery signifying a path or sidewalk

Who Is This Survey For?

This survey is for everyone who lives, works or visits Asheville.

What Will We Do With this Information?

Your input will be used to develop recommendations for sidewalks and greenways in Asheville that align with the community's vision.

The Plan will go before City Council to be formally adopted. Once the Plan is adopted, the City will use it as a guide to direct how we build projects, make policy choices, complete additional plans, build programs, and apply for new types of funding.

Need More Information?

If you want to get caught up on what this project is all about, visit any of the following links:

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Glossary of Terms

Recording of August 2021 Public Meeting

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