The Washington Legislature enacted the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) in 1971. The law requires state and local governments consider environmental values during the decision-making process. The environmental review process in SEPA is designed to work with other regulations to provide a comprehensive review of a proposal. While most regulations focus on aspects of a proposal, SEPA requires the identification and evaluation of probable impacts on all elements of the environment. This SEPA comment period for this proposal runs concurrently with the comment period of the recovery plan.

Click here to refer to the SEPA Determination for the recovery plan and then provide your comments in the box below.

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Please provide your comments to the SEPA Determination issued for the Pinto Abalone Recovery Plan. Your comments here should be limited to the findings made in the SEPA Determination and any probable adverse impacts to the environment. For all other comments, please visit the comment page for the recovery plan.