Durham Preferred Alternative Highlights

The highlights of the cost-constrained Transit Vision include:

  • Extended High Frequency Service Network – New destinations with service every 15 minutes:  Streets at Southpoint, Duke/VA Hospital, and E. Main Street (to Alston Ave)
  • Simplified Service – Fewer route variations and deviations
  • Expanded Sunday and Weekday Evening Service – Destinations with service improved to service every 30 minutes:  The Village, Duke/VA Hospital, and E. Main Street (to Alston Ave)
  • More Direct Service to Major Destinations
    • Connecting East Durham neighborhoods to RTP, Streets at Southpoint, and Briar Creek
  • On-Demand Zones
    • On-Demand Zones incentivize the use of on-demand services, which can be agency-operated or partnerships with private providers such as Uber, Lyft, or taxis.  Trips within or between zones are subsidized. 
    • Potential zones include low-density areas throughout the edges of the service area
  • Additional operating resources will be necessary to implement these improvements. 

    Benefits of the Preferred Alternative include:

  • 9.3 more miles of very frequent service (every 15 minute or more all day)
  • 12,700 more residents and jobs within a quarter mile of very frequent service
  • 16,000 more residents and jobs within a quarter mile of service that operates every 30 minutes or better

Preferred Alternative


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Route by Route Descriptions

This section allows you to view route-level changes proposed in Scenario 1 and Scenario 2. Please click on the route number you are interested in viewing.

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Bull City Connector (BCC) 

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