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Keeping our community clean and healthy is a top priority. We need your help to improve our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program for Rancho Cucamonga residents. Your feedback is extremely important to us. There are no right or wrong answers, so please respond candidly. This survey typically takes no longer than 5 minutes.

1. What best describes your current residence?

(Select one response)

Single-Family Home
Mobile Home
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2. Do you own or rent?

(Select one response)

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3. How long have you lived in Rancho Cucamonga?

(Select one response)

Less than 1 year
1-5 years
6-10 years
11-15 years
16-19 years
20 + years
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* 4. What is your zip code?

(Please enter a 5-digit number in the box below)

5. Which of the following household hazardous waste items are present in your home?

(Please select all that apply)

Propane tanks
Household cleaning supplies
Cooking oil
Electronic waste (cell phones, computers, microwaves, TVs)
Automotive fluids (antifreeze, motor oil)
Paint products
Personal products (soap, shampoo, cosmetics)
Flourescent tubes and bulbs
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* 6. Have you ever taken your hazardous waste to a collection center?

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(Please note that once you choose a response to Question #6 and click on the "Continue" button, the survey will skip you to the appropriate next question. Please continue to answer questions in the order that the survey presents. Please do not click on the tabs at the top of the survey to go to survey pages that you may have skipped. Some questions are intended for those who answered "Yes" and some are for those who answered "No" to Question #6).

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