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Hampton Master Plan

Hampton Master Plan

Dropped Off Survey 01.28.2020


The Hampton Planning Board is beginning the process of updating the Master Plan for our town...and we need YOUR help!

Do you know:

  • Every municipality is required by NH law to have & maintain a Master Plan.

  • New Hampshire Law (RSA 674:1) states "Every planning board shall from time to time update and amend the adopted master plan with funds appropriated for that purpose by the local legislative body"

  • The plan must include a Vision for the town's future and proposed principles of Land Use and development.

  • This future look and feel of our town must come from you, the people who live and work here, and the time to update the Master Plan is now! 

  • Our current master plan is an unwieldy document measuring over 4" thick, with some chapters dating back to 1985. 

How do we remedy this?

Hampton's Master Plan must be updated NOW!

This is a CALL TO ACTION for your involvement in the process... so listen up, because this is what it's all about!


Let's Get Started!


  1. Establish a Master Plan Steering Committee

  2. Collect data and public input by conducting surveys and holding public input meetings (We are here)

  3. Draft Goals and tasks as determined by the planning process

  4. Review and refine

  5. Present Master Plan to Planning Board

  6. Planning Board holds public hearing

  7. Update draft per comments received

  8. Planning Board adoption