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Improvements to Pekich Park

Improvements to Pekich Park

Improvements are coming to Pekich Park! We want to hear from you. 

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The Heartside Quality of Life Study was an initiative led by residents and the City in 2017. It identified opportunities to improve the quality of life for ALL who live, work and play in Heartside.


“Our neighborhood will be a safe, cooperative place where our diverse interests and lifestyles can coexist with mutual respect.”


In 2017 there was a community survey specifically about Pekich Park. Highlights of resident feedback was as follows:

  • Positive feedback from residents and non-residents alike spoke of how the park is well designed, how beautiful the mural and flowers are and how its central location is definitely a plus. The park is viewed as a great addition to Heartside with great potential for community activation and engagement.
  • Major issues of the park like overcrowding and disruptive behavior have created safety concerns from residents, and thus many neighbors do not feel like the park is a safe and welcoming community space.


Recommended action steps for Pekich Park in 2017 included:

Goal 1: Activate use of the park in a way that serves residents and business owners and begins to build a greater sense of community ownership over the space.

> Goal 1 Progress: Weekly Dwelling Place gardening club, summer 2018 & 2019

Goal 2: Install flexible design seating

Goal 3: Install a Community Info Board to help identify nearby community resources as well as to promote upcoming events within the community

> Goal 3 Progress: Temporary board installed by Kendall students in 2018 as a pilot project. 

The City will be making improvements to Pekich Park in 2021 with funding from the 2013 voter-approved Parks Millage. We use these funds to make physical improvements and repairs to parks and playgrounds.

This Phase 1 survey will show us your ideas, concerns, and future needs of the park. We will use your input from this survey to create a proposal for more feedback in Phase 2.

We want to build upon the recommendations and engagement that has already taken place while giving neighbors the opportunity to voice current concerns and new ideas for Pekich Park.


This survey should take 5-10 minutes, and we encourage neighbors of all ages to complete it. Opportunities for in-person feedback will also occur for Heartside residents without internet access.