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The project logo Strategic Information Technology Plan

The project logo Strategic Information Technology Plan

We need your to help shape the services you receive from King County, your regional government. 

As technology advances, the traditional way of doing business is changing in ways large and small. Every day, you can easily: 

  • Use your voice to go shopping on the internet and have your item delivered to your home within a day
  • Buy something at a store without ever touching your wallet
  • Request a car ride from your precise location, without ever talking to anyone

As your regional government, we want to better leverage technological advances to provide you with the services you want in the way it works for you. 

Your ideas will help us understand our community’s needs as we develop the next King County Strategic Information Technology Plan for 2020-2023.


King County offers the Google Translate option to help you read languages other than English on the?King County website. Google Translate cannot translate all types of documents and may not be able to provide accurate translations. Anyone who relies on translation information obtained from Google will bear the risk of inaccurate translation. ?King County does not make any promise to guarantee the accuracy of Google Translate.

* We want King County government to serve you in a convenient, simple way.

What is your preferred way of interacting with us?  (Please rank your choices.)
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* We want King County government to serve you where you feel most comfortable.

Where would you prefer to interact with us?  (Please rank your choices.)
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* Increasingly, businesses and government organizations tailor their user experience based on your personal preferences and needs.

Should King County tailor services to your personal needs and expectations? For example, we may be able to remind you that your pet license is about to expire or alert you when crime occurs in your neighborhood.
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* Any personalization of services requires a certain level of sharing your personal data, which would be properly secured. What is your level of concern with privacy?
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* In King County alone, more than 170 languages are spoken by our residents. As your regional government, we want to serve all members of our community.

Would the ability to interact with King County in multiple languages affect your ability or desire to connect with us?
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Imagine the year 2025, six years from now. Tell us about the value that King County government should deliver in the future. We have to start planning now, so we can introduce new ways of doing business. Please be creative — and realistic about how we can provide the greatest value to the most people.

In 2025, how would you like to engage with King County in a way that’s not possible today?
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