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The project logo Environment and Safety Committee

The project logo Environment and Safety Committee


The Environment and Safety Committee will review policy updates and make policy recommendations that ensure:

  • The contributions of natural resources to human well-being are explicitly recognized and valued and that maintaining their health is a primary objective; 
  • Public health needs are recognized and addressed through provisions for healthy foods, physical activity, access to recreation, healthcare, environmental justice, and safe neighborhoods; 
  • Building and maintenance resilience to climate change; and 
  • The provision of public safety, including Police, Fire, and Emergency Management Services, as well as, intergovernmental relations and cooperation with law enforcement. 


  • Chair: Council Member Maggie Ullman
  • Members: Vice Mayor Sandra Kilgore, Council Member Sheneika Smith
  • Staff liaison: City Manager Debra Campbell
  • Meeting schedule: Fourth Tuesday of the month at 11 a.m.

For Committee meeting materials, please go to City Environment and Safety Committee webpage: 

Note: Effective January 2023, the Public Safety Committee became the Environment and Safety Committee. Find archived Public Safety Committee meeting details and materials at this link.

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