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The comment period for the Proposed International Property Code Maintenance (IPMC) 2021 closed Thursday, April 15, 2021. For general comments, please email [email protected]

Closed for Comments

Below you will find three documents further detailing the Proposed International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) 2021 Code Changes:

  1. 2021 IPMC Proposed Changes (Pre-Law Draft) - This document outlines the Code as it currently exists, with all proposed additions and deletions noted.
  2. ENG_2021 IPMC Proposed Changes Presentation - This is a copy of the presentation in the English video.
  3. ESP_2021 IPMC presentación de cambios propuestos - This is a copy of the presentation in the Spanish video.
  4. 2021 IPMC Question_Comment Response Summary provides a consolidated list of questions, comments and responses