One of a local government's key responsibilites is planning - a word used to describe how a community guides growth and development. Georgia cities are required to update their Comprehensive Plans every five years, and in 2021, an update is due for Mountain Park's plan. This moment offers us the opportunity to look beyond day-to-day operations and consider where we want our city to be in five years - and what it will take to get there. We hope you'll help us craft a vision for Mountain Park's future.

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* This is the second part of a two-part survey that will be used to guide our comprehensive plan update. If you'd like to be informed of updates related to this planning process, please enter your contact information to stay informed! Your contact information is private and will not be shared with anyone.

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Community Engagement Phase 1


The survey on this site is intended to solicit your feedback related to the elements of Mountain Park's comprehensive plan that we are in the process of updating. Taking this survey will help us identify how our city's needs have evolved over the past five years, and it will help us develop a vision for the next five years.

Community Engagement Phase 2

(June - July)

Once we've received feedback from the first survey, we will ask further questions to help determine actionable steps we can take to implement the vision expressed in the first round of the survey. Be sure to sign up for notifications so you will know when this survey goes live!

Drafting the Plan Update

(June - July)

Once we've concluded our community engagement, we will use your input to develop a community work program. The community work program is a formal to-do list that details projects we can engage over the next five years to achieve the vision expressed by your survey responses. 

Transmittal Hearing


This is a formal hearing to submit the plan for State and Regional comment. No action is required and the plan can continue to be revised until it is adopted.

Adoption of Plan Update

Deadline: October 31